How To Drink All The FREE Pumpkin Spice Lattes You Want This Fall



Free Starbucks? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Here’s why.

OpenUp is a new platform that lets you trade your data for products and services that are valuable to you while stay ANONYMOUS.  We put, you, the consumer, first by letting you take control of your data and using it to get the products and services you love from brands you trust.  The brands we work with pledge to not sell your personal data, and OpenUp shares your information only in an anonymous and aggregated format so your personal data stays SAFE.  No one can tell how many cat GIFs you spend the day watching except you 🙂

Why share your data?

You get great rewards. We PAY YOU to participate.

You get a better browsing experience, with more personalized recommendations.

You get to learn about yourself, your preferences and your habits. Prepare for a rude shock from our Procrastination meter! Or let us guess your political preferences with our behavioral analytics tool.

You stay in control. OpenUp lets you choose who you share your data with.  Your data is anonymized and aggregated in a group of other consumers like you so your privacy is protected.

How it works

  • Download the OpenUp browser extension by clicking on the Sign-Up Button below
  • Once you download the extension, make sure to register by clicking on the blue butterfly icon  at the top right of your browser. This allows you to redeem your reward.
  • As you browse, you rack up 100 points per day.  Earn 3,000 points and we’ll send you a $10 Starbucks gift card.
  • Every few days we’ll send you updates about what your data says about you! And we’ll ask you if we’re on the mark re: your procrastination score, your political preferences etc.


Any questions?

About OpenUp: OpenUp lets consumers protect their personal data while sharing anonymous preferences with our brand partners to improve consumer experiences. OpenUp lets consumers Access, Control & Trade their data and get daily insights about themselves and their peer group. To participate, consumers download a browser extension to anonymously share their browsing data.


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